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Tarot Card Dedicated Effort

Dedicated Effort. 

It is easy to lose focus, especially when situations become difficult. However, this card comes as a way of reminding you, that you have what it takes to succeed. When you look back over your life, at the times when you really wanted something (or even someone!), nothing got in your way. Remember how it feels to be that strong and focussed. Now harness that energy again – dedicate yourself to your goal, and you will fly.

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Move Psychic Tarot


Now is the time to take control of the relationships in your life. This message applies to any relationship you have been struggling with recently. It could be a romantic partner, child, adult child, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law … . Sometimes we are afraid to speak the truth, because we are afraid of upsetting people. Well, who is worried about upsetting you? Don’t you count? Of course you do. The cards are gently whispering ….. stand up for yourself. Do so with a smile, kind but firm. Soon, they’ll all have a lot more respect for you.

Additional note: A small number of you asked, is this the right time for me to move? Yes, is the answer. 


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Manifest Psychic Tarot


This is a time of great manifestation for you, so focus on what you want (not what you don’t want). You are the Magician now. A Magician always takes time to meditate and think about their intent before working magic. You must have total clarity, like a clear blue morning sky. No clouds, no doubt. Ask, do you truly need what you want? No greed. Does your wish come from a place of higher good? Will it advance your life in a meaningful way? If you have any hint of doubt, then switch your focus to something you know for sure comes from the heart.

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