Message From Your Spirit Guide


Your soul has a song it wishes to sing. If only you would have a little faith and believe it to be true.

There is something you desire to create – a book, music, art – or a project you want to give birth to and nourish.

But you doubt yourself. Am I that special? Or is my idea that special? What if I fail? What if I give up?

If you were inspired in your mind, you are meant to create it in reality. You are the master builder and no-one else can do it.

Will it be hard work? Will it require persistence, learning, refining … undoubtedly.

But then, so is anything worth doing.

Things will go wrong. Things will go right. Just keep turning up, and keep going.

Have faith in your soul. It is eternal and much wiser than you know.

But perhaps you are already doing this, and just needed a confirmation that you are on the right path?



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