Message From Your Spirit Guide

Good Fortune 

This message comes to awaken sleeping hearts! Like a bolt of lightning from the spirit world, you receive a dream or idea in the coming days or weeks. Be aware, because it was put in your head for a reason. It will fill your heart and ‘sit’ right within your soul. You will feel ‘yes, that is what I must do!’. 

Although it may not necessarily be a big idea, one thing leads to another until you are ultimately experiencing a new journey. 

This is the time for hope… the possibilities are endless. So be on the lookout for that thought or dream …

Good fortune does not always arrive in the way we hope or expect. The Universe is clever. It reads our feelings – what we emotionally feel. It pays less attention to our thoughts. For example, you might be thinking about winning the lottery (even doing affirmations) – but the Universe is focusing on what you feel. And what you feel is a desire for ‘freedom’ to work at something ‘meaningful’. So, it sets about creating the circumstances for this to happen. It is far more imaginative that you or I – so let it do it’s job!  Remember, the Universe does not always deliver in one big leap, but lots of smaller steps, until ultimately you are living the life you feel you want. 



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