Your Spirit Guide Message 

Look Up

Someone in Heaven is sending you love right now! They want you to know that being in a physical body experiencing life on Earth is a special experience. Yes, life has struggles – moments for laughter, and reasons for tears. 

Your loved one or friend in Heaven, says – it’s all an illusion. Earth is a temporary experience, they know that now and want to pass the wisdom onto you.

 Open your eyes, be aware  – look at our beautiful planet as though you were an alien seeing it for the first time. We all return to the Light and spirit world eventually, to the source of eternal love – but in the meantime, take a moment to STOP and acknowledge how lucky you are to be here. 

 On the way to work … at home during the day .. wherever you are, look UP and OUT from your tasks. Take a moment. Smile.


I asked the spirit world to tell me, how are they communicating with us right now (methods are always changing).

This is what I was told:

– Electrical equipment breaking, flickering, acting strangely
– Shadows, you see them out of the corner of your eye and think someone has just walked by
– Increasing ear sensitivity, ear popping, hearing muffled sounds like people talking, or white noise (static)

I am told that more people are experiencing increasing sensitivity – changes to their eyesight and hearing, in particular.  This is to facilitate spirit communication. Think of yourself as a radio – as the spirit world fine tune you, so that you can pick up their radio frequency. 



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