Left card: Divine Diversity Tarot
Right card: The Witches Tarot

9 of Wands Tarot Cards

Your Name Begins with A, P, M or I

You received the 9 of Wands today. I was inspired to give you two versions of this card because you may connect with one more than the other. If so, look at the picture you connect with for a while, let your imagination flow. Wait and see where your mind wanders. This is how cards trigger an opening so that higher powers can plant new thoughts. 

Your message today is: don’t give up. 

You are closer to realizing your dream than you know. 

There is also another message. Trust in the basic goodness of people. Sure, some people can be unpleasant. But the majority are good at heart. Allow people into your life. You are strong enough to handle it. 

~ Karina ~


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