Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

Cards used for this reading: 

Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue (originally) and now Radleigh Valentine


Card 1

Positive Recognition

Karina Says: 

Congratulations! Your plans have worked out perfectly, and now it’s time to shine. Brilliant new ideas will present themselves, and success is all but assured. Express yourself openly and honestly, knowing that those surrounding you are trustworthy. Be open to unexpected opportunities.

Those of you waiting for feedback relating to a project or financial situation will experience good news in the coming weeks and months.  In particular, those of you who have worked hardest to stay positive despite the difficulties, will celebrate the most.


10 of Thought

Karina Says: 

A situation that’s been troubling you has come to an end and you can breathe a sigh of relief. With the challenging times behind you, you can now move on. It’s important to let go at this juncture.

The coming weeks and months herald the end of an era for you. You say goodbye to old dreams which no longer fit you. There may be changes within the family, change of location or employment. Even old dreams which persist, will alter, or you are prepared to go about achieving your dreams in a different way. 

You have learnt whatever lessons you needed to learn. A karmic cycle has been completed.

Whatever you set your heart on going forward should manifest with surprising ease.

Ace of Thought

Karina Says:

This cherub has arrived to congratulate you for your brilliant new idea, which is truly inspired. It’s important to communicate clearly and thoroughly with others who are involved in the implementation of your idea. Don’t be put off by little challenges along the way. These are merely course corrections to perfect your plan.

We have entered an astrologically exciting period in history. The Age of Aquarius is upon us (some astrologers believe it started January, 2018), and will last for 2,000 years.

With this shift, expect a swelling over the coming months – of  motivation, ideas and courage, and even a massive spiritual awakening.

Aquarius is associated with information, it is believed that the secrets of the Universe will reveal themselves. It will be easier for us to ‘download’ information from the Source – hidden knowledge like the cure to cancer, spontaneous healing, free energy and travel at the speed of light.


3 of Thought

Karina Says: 

Loving angels surround you to heal and comfort you. The sadness you feel will fade in time, and then you’ll be able to see clearly how important this situation has been for your spiritual growth. 

You have been going through a difficult time, emotionally or physically. The good news is, now you can look forward to brighter days. What worries you currently, will no longer concern you in the future.

It is important however, not to live in a state of worry – you know how it is – when one worry goes, we allow another to take its place.

Let go of fear, control, anger, lack of faith, whatever it is, that has held you back.

Time to move on to happier days.


Review and Contemplation

You’ve accomplished a great deal in your life and you have much to be proud of. Now it’s time to decide what’s next. As you contemplate the past and the present, you will get a clearer picture of your Divine life purpose. Don’t be distracted by conventional thinking. Be the real you!

You recently had an idea, or started doing something which inspired you. Trust those feelings. No matter how seemingly difficult the path ahead may appear, in the coming weeks and months you will be successful. If you continue to trust your inner compass, you will not put a foot wrong.

Time to just do it!

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