Oracle Cards: Gaia Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno


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An ending and new beginning. The angel on this card reflects a sadness you feel or may experience in the coming weeks due to an ending of some sort (perhaps your child is finishing school or leaving home, or you’re finishing a project or moving on in some part of your life). Some of you however will be happy because you’ve been waiting for this ending so that new adventures can begin. Either way, new beginnings are in store for you, brighter and lighter than ever. There is a hidden gift attached to this event. When the timing is right you will receive a precious gift, either in the form of positive news or an unexpected turn of events in your favor (perhaps long after you’ve given up hope). Meantime be aware of the love that surrounds you and allow it into your heart and trust. The Universe is guiding events to unfold in a way that is for your greater good.

If you have been asking for guidance about a number or date … 9 is your answer. 


The white dove on this card flies high above Earth and is able to see things from a higher perspective. She suggests you do the same. There is a situation you are either worried about, or trying to make a decision about. It’s time to disconnect because you are too close to see things clearly. Stop focusing on this situation for a while – let go – relax, dance around the living room, take a walk, meditate, have fun. In letting go and forgetting, a solution will come to you when the time is right. It will feel like a flash of inspiration, or idea – it will occur when you are not thinking about the situation. Take it as your solution/answer. All will be well.

If you have been asking for guidance about a number or date … 11 is your answer. 



You will soon achieve a goal you have set for yourself. Your persistence is about to pay off. Know that you deserve all the success that is coming your way. Thank the Earth and Universe for this blessing in the knowledge it has been co-created with higher powers. Then re-focus on the task at hand. Don’t lose sight of your original purpose and intention. This is only the beginning, much more can be achieved by staying focused on your dream. This could be bigger and more fulfilling than you ever imagined.

If you have been asking for guidance about a number or date … 17 is your answer. 

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