What Is An Aura?

An aura is a field of transparent energy that surrounds each living and inanimate object on the planet. As humans, we literally cannot exist without our auras because they are an energetic extension of our bodies. Auras are energy fields, holding a tremendous amount of information about us. They consist of very fine electromagnetic energy, which clairvoyants can see and use in a psychic reading. We can train ourselves to see our auras, as you will discover in this article. You can also have a picture taken of your aura (like mine below) with an aura camera. If you go to a Mind, Body, Spirit show there is usually a stand with someone offering this service.


The Layers Of The Aura

When you first learn to see your aura you will probably only make out a small blue layer of energy next to your body. However, there is a lot more to your aura than that. There is some debate about the number of layers within a human aura, but it’s generally agreed there are seven. Each layer is finer in energy, and vibrates at a higher frequency, than the previous one. Therefore the most dense layer of the aura, called the etheric body, is closest to the body, while the finest layer, called the ketheric template, is furthest away from the body. Although the layers might appear to be separate from one another, each one overlaps the layers beneath it.

The 7 layers are as follows:

Etheric body
Emotional body
Mental body
Astral layer (the layer associated with astral travel)
Etheric template
Celestial body
Ketheric template



Aura Shapes and Colours

Your aura is not a shapeless blob. In its ideal state, it is a perfect egg shape, well balanced, with no lopsided areas and no signs of damage. It stretches several centimeters above your head and extends beneath your feet, encasing you completely in its protective shield.

However, not everyone’s aura is perfect. An aura can get out of alignment, with one side much thinner than the other, or it can appear to shrink so that it no longer stretches down beneath a person’s feet, but instead might stop at knee-level. It varies in colour too, according to the person’s mood and state of health, although it always has one predominant colour. There is no ideal colour for an aura, because each one reflects a different personality type and way of looking at the world.

Karina’s Aura
My aura is primarily blue, with sections of white, yellow, purple and green.



Tuning Into Different Colours

As you become more sensitive, you will notice that you become increasingly attuned to the colours in your environment. There will be days when you feel drawn to some colours and repelled by others. You might also feel a craving for a specific colour, in which case you can consult the chart below to understand why you need that colour and learn more about the chakra to which it refers. For instance, a sudden attraction to red might signify a need to be more grounded and to have more energy. You might like to satisfy that craving by wearing clothes or jewellery in the relevant colour, or by placing a vase of suitably coloured flowers on your desk or by your bed. You may also feel compelled to eat foods of a particular colour, such as bananas, yellow peppers and pears (indicating a need for yellow energy). Follow your instincts in this.

Consider the colours in your home as well. Do you like them? The more you pay attention to the colours in your life, the more you will learn about yourself and about the ever-changing state of your chakras. When it comes to the home you may also find my article on feng shui interesting.



The Colours Of The Aura

Each of us has a predominant colour in our aura, although other colours may come and go according to our state of health and our emotions. Here are some of the predominant colours you can expect to see in someone’s aura, with brief descriptions of what these colours say about the person and the chakras to which they are connected. Use your intuition to expand on these descriptions.

Colour: Red
Meaning: Energy, action, leadership, innovation
Chakra: Base

Colour: Orange
Meaning: Optimism, confidence, emotional warmth
Chakra: Sacral

Colour: Yellow
Meaning: Communication, creativity, mental agility, gregariousness
Chakra: Solar-plexus

Colour: Green
Meaning: Love, kindness, peacefulness, a love of nature, a need for harmony

Chakra: Heart
Colour: Pink
Meaning: Affection, compassion, strong spirituality
Chakra: Heart

Colour: Blue
Meaning: Consideration, idealism, ethical values, spiritual knowledge (particularly mediumship)
Chakra: Throat

Colour: Indigo/Purple
Meaning: Love, psychic ability, intuition, spiritual purpose
Chakra: Brow

Colour: White
Meaning: Spiritual evolution, connection with the Divine, humanitarianism
Chakra: Crown



The Shapes Of The Aura

When you learn to view or sense an aura, you will soon notice that not every aura has a perfect egg shape. Here are some of the different aura shapes that you can expect to find, as well as suggestions concerning what they might mean.

Shape: Lopsided aura
Meaning: Wariness; fear; lack of trust

Shape: Flattened area over crown chakra
Meaning: Depression

Shape: Aura stops at knees
Meaning: Lack of grounding; fear; lack of connection with surroundings and base chakra

Shape: Jagged edge to aura
Meaning: Lack of boundaries; physical damage to body



Tuning Into Your Aura

Your aura has an electromagnetic field and you can train yourself to become sensitive to this field and therefore to become aware when someone or something penetrates it. This is essential in psychic work, when you are continually tuning into your aura to gain impressions and sensations about what is happening around you. Although you might imagine that your physical body influences your aura, in fact the reverse is true.

Clairvoyants who have observed human fetuses developing in their mothers’ wombs have described how the layers of the aura are formed first, thereby creating a template for the physical cells to copy. Equally, any ailments or illnesses that we develop first appear in our auras as blocks of mental or emotional energy. If we are unable to shift these, whether consciously or unconsciously, they eventually begin to affect our physical bodies.



Learn To See Your Aura

Start by looking at the aura around your hands, and then you can use the same process to view your aura around other parts of your body. At first you will only see your etheric body, which is the aura nearest your physical body, but with practice you will see more layers of your aura.

1. Sit in a comfortable chair, facing a pale, plain wall. Don’t sit in direct sunlight or with an artificial light shining on you. Ground and balance yourself.

2. Stretch out your right arm, with the back of your hand facing you. Now look at the space between your splayed fingers and the wall, without looking directly at either of them. Allow your eyes to relax.

3. You will start to see a fuzzy white or grey outline around your fingers. This is your aura. Continue to look at the space between your fingers and the wall. The grey or white outline will start to change colour, and will usually turn blue.
View The Aura Around Your Head
Once you can see the aura around your hands, turn your attention to viewing the aura around your head.

1. Stand in front of a mirror, with a plain pale wall behind you.

2. Look at the space above your head, letting your eyes relax. You will soon start to see a fuzzy grey or white outline around your head, which will then change into a shade of blue. This is your etheric body.



Sense Your Aura

Another way to work with your aura is to sense it with your hands. This is good fun and the quick results are encouraging. You can use this exercise as a way of preparing yourself to carry out energy healing.

1. Set aside some time when you won’t be disturbed, then ground and balance yourself.

2. Hold the palms of your hands close together, without letting them touch. Now move your palms apart and then bring them together again, always taking note of how the energy between your hands feels. Continue to move them backwards and forwards, taking them slightly further apart each time.

3. As you work, you will notice a sensation building up in the palms of your hands. For instance, they may tingle or feel hot. You will also feel the energy building up in the space between your hands; it will feel elastic and bouncy, and as you move your hands close together, you will sense a slight resistance between them. This is your aura!


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