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You have gained much wisdom over the years and now the Universe says it is time to stretch yourself further. Your spiritual connection is about to explode, forcing you to play a larger role in the community or world at large.


Third Eye 

Don’t hold back – whatever you want to change about your life, set it in motion. The time will never be ‘perfect’. The time is now! The Universe is sending you an extra boost of motivational energy to both clearly see and achieve your goal.


Throat Chakra

Recognize it is time to stop looking to others for assistance or direction. You have all the answers you seek within you, trust yourself. It is time for your day in the sun, allow your beautiful soul to sing. Let it out, express yourself. The world is waiting.


Heart Chakra

Open your heart to others at this time, be brave and discuss your hopes and fears. Something will come of it, an idea or fresh perspective which will provide the spark of an exciting new direction.


Solar Plexus

You are changing from the inside out. Perhaps you have been sensing this change? Go with the flow, embrace the new you emerging. The Universe has a few nice surprises lined up for you. Embrace any ideas or opportunities as they arise, even if the timing does not seem right. Your only role is to say yes. 


Sacral Chakra

Just when you thought plans were settled, along comes fate and shakes things up again. It will not be possible to plan the next few weeks, so simply sit back and enjoy the ride. You are going through a major shift at the moment, and really, you just need to relax and go with it.



Root Chakra

Money can raise us up – we can use it to build something of value and share our good fortune with others. Or, it can drag up down, tease out our worst traits like the desire to show off. Money is not the root of all evil, it is simply a tool to test our character. As the Universe shines good fortune on you, be sure to stay true to your core values.


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