Distance Healing

Using Healing Hands  


I have placed healing intention
in my hand which you can send to another person for healing.

Close your eyes and hold your hand over my hand for 30-60 seconds.
Think of the person you want to send healing to.

You hand may become warmer, tingle or lift off the screen.
Toxic energy is leaving their body. Well done!

You are sending distance healing.



Can this be used to heal a pet, as well as a person?

Yes, absolutely. 

Does the person have to know you are sending healing?

No, they don’t. But I’m sure they will appreciate it.

How often should I send healing?

I recommend once a day, for 14 days. 

Is there anything else I can do to promote healing?

There are prayers for healing and healing affirmations, but these need to be used by the person themselves.  
Maybe pass the information on to your loved one, if they are open to the concept of self-healing.
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