Healing Affirmations

Healing Affirmations

A healing affirmation will only work, if you FEEL it will. 

Just repeating words mindlessly, without feeling, has no effect. You may as well paint your toe nails!

For that reason, read through my 10 powerful affirmations, and pick the one (or two), which resonates with you the most. 

Affirmations are very personal. You need to FEEL their power. 

I recommend you repeat your affirmation several times a day, for 14 days. 



Healing Affirmation 1

I am willing to forgive, forgiveness soothes my body.

Healing Affirmation 2

I love myself, I love my body and I love my life. 

Healing Affirmation 3

I am never alone, Heaven is with me in every breath I take.

Healing Affirmation 4

As peace fills my body, I radiate joy and perfect health.

Healing Affirmation 5

I choose to experience the sweetness of today, and welcome sunshine into my heart and body.

Healing Affirmation 6

I am in a perfect place, and give thanks for my life.

Healing Affirmation 7

I see now with love, I feel now with love, I am in a perfect place.

Healing Affirmation 8

As my body heals, my spirit soars and I am transformed.

Healing Affirmation 9

I am at peace with what comes next, it is safe for me to change.

Healing Affirmation 10

I am The Light, therefore I act as The Light. 


Affirmations can be used to heal physical illness, emotional illness (like depression and anxiety), as well as soothe bereavement.

Other Healing Tips
Healing hands – for self healing and distance healing
Powerful prayer for healing – it’s not what you think!



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