Most Powerful Prayer For Healing


The most powerful prayer for healing



What is the most powerful prayer for healing?

The Our Father prayer. Also known as the Lord’s Prayer.

There are 7 lines in the prayer,  and each line resonates vibrationally with the 7 energy centers of the body (chakras). 

As you say the words, they act as a gentle healing balm on the whole body. 





How I Discovered This Healing Prayer 

A few years ago, I was feeling unwell. My spiritual gifts were unfolding, and my body was experiencing some fine tuning. 
One morning I woke up feeling quite miserable with yet another flu. But this occasion was different … as I awoke, the words to Our Father were going around and around in my head. 

It had been years since I had thought of this prayer, let alone said the words (which I had mostly forgotten). 

I knew it was a message – the thought had been placed in my head for a reason.

But what was so special about the prayer? I didn’t know.

A Strange Coincidence? 

Later that day,  a book I had ordered from Amazon arrived in the post. After about half of hour of reading, I landed on an unexpected chapter about healing, and there it was written: 

‘The Our Father prayer is one of the most healing of all prayers because it helps to align the chakras.’ 

My question was answered!


Now, I say the prayer every evening, and I’m happy to say, I haven’t had a flu in years! 



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