Cards: Healing Cards by Caroline Myss


How Does This Reading Work?

Your loved one, or friend or spiritual guide in Heaven will provide you with a message. 

Your first name begins with: E, I, Q, X, F
Your message is card 1

Your first name begins with:  H, L, O, R, W
Your message is card 2

Your first name begins with: C, K, N, S, V
Your message is card 3

Your first name begins with: B, D, J, P, U, Z
Your message is card 4

Your first name begins with: A, G, M, T, Y
Your message is card 5

Cards used for this reading:

Healing cards by Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso




Forgiveness means more to God than sacrifice

Forgive that person you have been thinking about, Heaven says. Open your heart and release unnecessary suffering from the past. Feel the peace that follows from this simple act. Simply gritting your teeth and saying ‘I’ve moved on’ is not going to work. If you are quick to anger when you think about this person, the healing has not worked.

You really have to let go, and put it down to life, to growth and the way things go.

Someone you love, or a friend in Heaven is giving you this advice.

Extra Note
There is an animal in the spirit world – perhaps recently deceased, or a beloved childhood pet. They know how much love you are capable of giving – and they cherish the love you gave them. They say, your heart is a gift to the world – keep your heart open so that others may experience it too.



Perform every act as if it were your last

Heaven tells you to make every decision and choice as if your whole life could be changed because of it. This is mindfulness. We make decisions all the time, without really paying attention. We decide not to make an effort with our appearance. Or we decide not to do our best at work that day, or we decide not to bother smiling at our loved ones today because we’re tired. We make these decisions all the time, without recognising them as such. There are consequences to every decision we make. Heaven asks you to be more conscious of these small decisions, to take ownership, to be more mindful.

Heaven knows you want more from life, so it advises you to pay attention to the little decisions.



Tranquility at home leads to health

Feng shui is Chinese for ‘wind, water’. The art of Feng shui recognises that our environment, including our home, is surrounded by chi, or energy. It flows through everything. You know how a room suddenly feels ‘lighter’ or happier when it is decluttered? That is because chi can flow more freely, promoting good health and better moods. 

Heaven says, your home is key to your emotional and physical well-being. If you need a new home, Heaven will help you. If you are already settled, then Heaven encourages you to declutter, be ruthless in getting rid of what you don’t need.  It will provide the little boost you need right now. 

Extra Message: If you lost your partner recently, they are sending their love from Heaven and thank you for all you did for them. Don’t worry about keeping everything the same at home. Change is good now, they want you to be supported with new energy, and fresh hope. 



Illness begins in the stomach and diet is the main remedy

Be mindful of how you nourish your body with food and thoughts. Feed your body with nourishing food. Feed your spirit with self-respect and self-love, allowing only loving thoughts and feelings to enter your mind.

Your body is the vehicle for your soul on earth. When it is in good condition, loved and cherished, it will empower your soul – allow your gifts to emerge or shift to the next level.

Extra Note: 
You have a friend in the spirit world, and they want you to know that your life is heading in the right direction.  Take care of yourself, so that you can sprinkle your magic in the coming year. 


Make A Call

Heaven wants you to know:

A phone call from a friend can heal you and offer some useful guidance.

Is there someone you’ve been meaning to contact but haven’t? Make the time. 

Extra Message: 
A grandparent in Heaven sends their love and is supporting you right now. 

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