Past Life In Atlantis


Hidden Message

Very few people are meant to find this page. 

If you do, then the message is for you. Have no doubt.

Please respond back on my Facebook post with the message:

“I was there”

Say no more than that. I just want to see who you are. 


You were a citizen of Atlantis. 

The city that disappeared to floods 10,000 years ago. 

It was a place of great spiritual advancement. The greatest of souls were invited to be born there. 

Despite having lived many lifetimes since then – somewhere deep within you, your soul longs to ‘go home’. 

To Atlantis. That is where your home is. Not ‘Heaven’ or ‘out there’. But Atlantis. 

Know This: 

As Atlanteans grew powerful, their ethics declined.

They forgot their reason for being. Their privilege. 

Later, by way of divine punishment, the island was beset by earthquakes and floods, and sank into a muddy sea.

Does this remind of civilization today?

Does the same sense of urgency stir your soul? Like a sense of deja vu. 

Your Task

You receive visions, not many and not frequently.  But the same repetitious visions.
You sense what is coming. Maybe not the timing, but the events. 

Find a way to share the information you receive.  

Prepare Yourself

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