November Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Health Is A Priority

As the psychic of the zodiac you have a habit of neglecting your own needs Aquarius, and right now, you are running on empty. Be ruthless this month, take a knife to the parts of your life or people, who are not essential to your happiness. If you can’t avoid a situation, at least shut yourself off mentally so it can’t drain you. The end of 2019 promises to be a major turning point in your life, with lots of wonderful things to look forward to. We just need to make sure you’re still standing upright to enjoy it! 

Extra Guidance For Aquarius

I was drawn to the scent of the tulip this month for you.

The message of the tulip:

The tulip was an ancient Persian symbol of love.  The tulip comes to you today to grant you permission to make yourself a priority.

Affirmation for November
I, myself and me.

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