2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: King of Cups

Feel The Explosion of Energy

2020 promises to be an explosive year for you Aquarius. This is the kind of year you look back on and remember for the rest of your life. It is the moment you become the person you were destined to be.  Everything until now, has been working up to this point. Be prepared to be flexible, as both expected and unexpected opportunities will fire your way, sometimes quicker than you can handle. That said, 2019 should have toughened you up a little bit, and prepared you for the amazing period to come.  

The King of Cups is your key card for 2020, and he announces you shall rise up! Your career (or hobbies if you are retired), play center role this year. This is where the opportunities will come, and will in turn introduce you to the people who will transform your life. 

Know that higher powers have taken a special interest in you, and walk by your side every day (especially this year!). Be prepared to be of service to others, you may be drawn to healing, writing, public speaking, counselling, teaching or charity work. As an Aquarius, you do have something special to offer the world. This year, you’ll figure out exactly what that is.

Hey, this year is a biggie Aqua-baby!! 

Affirmation for 2020
I am ready to embrace my destiny

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If Aliens are already here on Earth, then they are probably Aquarians in disguise. 🙂
You know how to ‘put a face on’, pretend to fit in. But in reality, you are totally unique, forward thinking, starseeds.


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