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Aries Tarot Horoscope 2021 by Karina Collins

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Aries – Unexpected Changes


How will Aries be lucky this year?

Card you received: Page of Cups

As I shuffled the Tarot and tuned in to your energy Aries, I asked – where will you experience good luck and fortune this year? You received the tarot card PAGE OF CUPS in response. 
This card means that you will receive news of a kind in 2021 which makes you feel loved and appreciated.  This news, will end up expanding your life in ways which may not be apparent at the time. Something smalls grows into something bigger and important.  Depending on your situation – it will be one of the below meanings. What do you wish for most? Where your energy flows, is where the Page of Cups will appear to you this year. 
One Meaning Applies To You
– Someone asks you out on a date and declares their love after a few dates.
– Wedding proposal, or you get married (for those already in a relationship)
– Healthy pregnancy or childbirth for those wishing to conceive.
– You get the job! Successful interview. They love you!
– If you are studying psychic or healing arts, your abilities become phenomenally powerful this year.
– Someone values your work and gives you the boost or offer you need.

If none of the above apply to you, then your Page of Cups message will be very personal to you. What you hope for most, in your heart, arrives. 

What Actions Should Aries Take This Year?

Card you received: Death

As I shuffled the Tarot again, I asked – what actions should you take this year? You received the major destiny card DEATH in response. 
Death is a powerful message which says – Time to Move On! 
Death predicts the end of a way of life – habits and routines. Whatever news the Page of Cups brings this year, Higher Powers say – be prepared to accept the change that comes with it. Even if it is something which you dearly want to happen – you may be surprised how part of you resists the change it brings. You may be required to do things out of your comfort zone.  So, your action is to be conscious of how you resist – and work on letting it go. Be prepared to think and act differently. See yourself as someone who is changing, and is happy to do so. 
Additional Messages
– If you’ve been trying to kick a habit or lose weight, it will be easier than ever this year.
– If you are fascinated with life after death or past lives – dig deeper and learn more this year. 

Aries Angel Message For 2021

Card you received: Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, the great warrior angel is your protector this year.  He is making his presence known to you now. He wants you to know that as you make changes in your life this year, you will be safe and secure. 
Affirmation for 2021
I embrace unexpected twists of fate.

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