2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars


Your Key Card: 9 of Pentacles


Peace and Abundance For 2020


2020 promises to be a wonderful year for Cancer, with just enough change to keep you excited, but not too much that it unsettles you. Think of it, as a gentle reinvention. Where you have been worried, you find calmness, and where you have been bored, you find rejuvenation. 

The 9 of Pentacles is your key card, see how calm the woman looks in the card. She is able to spend mindful moments in nature, appreciating the good luck and fortune in her life. Focus on  the card, you may even find a more specific message to match your circumstances and wishes. 

2020 is a spiritual awakening for Cancer, a year you finally release old demons and make space for peace in your heart. With this, comes a powerful, yet gentle energy which inspires your future. What you once thought not possible, becomes possible because your mindset is changing. You are adapting, bending and re-shaping yourself. 

Additional Messages, depending on your circumstances 

* You receive a financial windfall, or inheritance
* You retire with financial security
* You move to a new home or make significant home improvements
* Your plan to work from home, or improve a home business is successful

Your 2020 Affirmation
As I relax more, I allow more abundance in.


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