April Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Night Wind

Gaia Oracle Card by Toni Salerno

You are one of the most compassionate signs of the zodiac Cancer, always putting others needs before your own. However powerful eclipses this year in January, July and December will shake you to the root, like the night wind blowing a tree. While you can’t stop caring about other people, it is time you put your interests first, and in a way you rarely do. When you start to ask – what do I want? – maybe, who do I want? – you are on the right path. At first you may experience internal resistance, fear even. Something about your life, has troubled you and it is time to admit this to yourself.  April is all about self exploration, opening up and talking to others. Exploring options will lead to something interesting – spectacular even. Perhaps not immediately, but in the longer term.

The challenge you have, is not knowing how any change will benefit you – until afterwards. Which means acting on faith. By understanding that faith is all you have to go on, you will finally embrace life and all its twists and turns without fear and with greater enthusiasm. 

 Your Affirmation for April 
I share my fears and concerns with those I love and trust. 



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