2021 Tarot HoroscopeĀ 

Cancer Tarot Horoscope 2021 by Karina Collins
Rider Waite Tarot and Healing with the Angels Oracle Card

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Cancer- A Year Of Breaking Free


How will Cancer be lucky this year?

Card you received: 9 of Swords

As I shuffled the Tarot and tuned in to your energy Cancer, I asked – where will you experience good luck and fortune this year? You received the card 9 of SWORDS in response. 

This card represents uncertainty and anxiety about the future. But because it appears in your sign of ‘good luck’, it means the opposite. 2021 will see you finally overcome the problems that have beset your mind. This is true release Cancer. A calm and clearer mind. 
Doubt has been something that has held you back for a while, Cancer. It has stopped you from making decisions, and then from committing for any length of time.  Higher Powers are working very closely with you this year. Helping you to make decisions, to stick to them, and finally see progress in areas of your life that have long eluded you. It’s truly amazing. 
Perhaps you already feel this sparkle?

What Actions Should Cancer Take This Year?

Card you received: 5 of Pentacles

As I shuffled the Tarot again, I asked – what actions should you take this year? You received the tarot card 5 of PENTACLES in response. 
This year you will feel more motivated to improve your life in practical ways. Higher Powers say, be prepared to make the effort – to get that job – to sort your housing issue – to take control of your life where you feel it is needed. One step at a time. This year is less about relying on others for help, and more about YOU becoming the driving force. 
This year asks you to focus on solutions rather than resting at the problem. 
2021 will be life transforming for you Cancer. 
Additional Message
– Be careful not to overlook opportunities right in front of your nose.

Cancer Angel Message For 2021

Card you received: Balance

PEACE of mind  and body – balance – is your valuable gift from the angels this year. 
As the months progress, your optimism grows in ways you may not have experienced before. 
It feels like a block has lifted, and you are safe now to dream.
Affirmation for 2021
When I make a decision, I stick to it.

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