June Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Treasure Chest

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue

“An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!”

Capricorn, we talked before about 2019 being the start of a new era for you. Old habits and routines are being disrupted, paving the way for new opportunities and ideas. This is all in preparation for a much bigger cycle when the planet of ‘Good Luck’ – Jupiter – arrives in your sign in early December 2019, and stays for all of 2020.  

This month, you will feel ‘rich’. This may mean a financial windfall, but it could also be a windfall of love, creativity or ideas. 

Bless and honour what comes to you, with a grateful heart. 

If you mediate on, or simply look at your card for a while, another personal message may pop into your head!

Affirmation for June
I feel honoured.


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