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Gemini Tarot Astrology 2021 by Karina Collins
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Gemini – Don’t Give Up


How Will Gemini be Lucky this Year?

Card you received: 7 of Pentacles

As I shuffled the Tarot and tuned in to your energy Gemini, I asked – where will you experience good luck and fortune this year? You received the tarot card 7 of PENTACLES in response. 
There is an area of your life that you have almost given up on – perhaps it is something to do with work, your spiritual gifts, money, your health or love.  You have thought ‘it’s just not going to happen for me’.  You will know what I mean when I say this Gemini. The first thing that enters your head. 

This year, you will receive a boost a luck in this area. In other words, it is too soon to give up.  So many people give up, without realizing they were on the point of manifestation. This is not your fate dearest Gemini.  2021 is the year to see your hopes realized. 
Additional Message
–  Take a moment to realize how far you have come.  

What Actions Should Gemini Take This Year?

Card you received: 10 of Pentacles

As I shuffled the Tarot again, I asked – what actions should you take this year? You received the tarot card 10 of Pentacles in response.
This year, your emotional well-being will come from family. You will find that you connect better, perhaps because circumstances have changed. This could be because of the birth of a child or grandchild. It could be because others are feeling less stressed as their life improves.  Or maybe you are in a better position to spread the love.  
Allow the love in.  That is all you have to do in 2021.

Gemini Angel Message For 2021

Card you received: Ideas and Inspiration

“Pay attention to new thoughts and ideas that come to you”
The angels say that they will speak to you through your thoughts in 2021, so pay attention. Listen for ideas that pop into your head out of the blue, and more importantly act on them. They don’t have to be ‘big’ ideas. It could simply be to call someone or go somewhere. 
Affirmation for 2021
I am on the right path to everything I need.

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2021 Amaze Yourself Gemini

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