2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: The Sun

2020 The Sun Shines Brightly For Gemini

Like the sign Taurus, you received The Sun, which is the most positive card in the Tarot deck and promises an era of happiness, health and wealth. 

2020 promises to be one of your best years yet Gemini

When the sun enters your reading, you start attracting success in all areas of your life. And the good news is, this awesome energy stays with you throughout 2020. 

Perhaps you or those you love have already experienced a little luck in the past few weeks? See it as a sign of better things to come.  2020 is a safe time for you to experiment and take a few risks, the dice will land in your favour, so make the most of it. 

Where you most wish for positive change, is where you will experience it. Depending on your personal situation, this could be:  

* You retire or take more time out for yourself
*You conceive a child, or a new grandchild arrives
* Your romantic life takes off in a new, and pleasant direction
* You pass your exams
*Your finances improve
* You experience much greater success at work
* If you want to travel extensively or emigrate, your wish comes true
*Health concerns disappear

Gemini you are extraordinarily blessed in 2020. Give thanks and praise.


Extra Gemini Guidance

Your soul has a song it wishes to sing. If only you would have a little faith and believe it to be true. There is something you desire to create –  a project you want to give birth to and nourish.

But you doubt yourself. Am I able to do it? Or is my idea that special? What if I fail? What if I give up? If you were inspired in your mind, you are meant to create it in reality. 

Will it be hard work? Will it require persistence, learning, refining … probably.

But then, so is anything worth doing. But with 2020’s amazing lucky energy firing your way Gemini, now is the time to take a risk.

Your 2020 Affirmation

I am happy to be in the spotlight


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