August Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Simplify Your Life

Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Eliminate clutter from your life to allow the flow of abundance.

When I think of Gemini, the expression “How Do You Pin A Moonbeam Down?” comes to mind. Just when you think you ‘know’ them, they show you a completely different side – a duel nature indeed!

There are two New Moons on the 1st and the 30th of this month, which is pretty rare, and these provide not one, but two opportunities to make a ‘new start’, to initiate new projects and to create a more harmonious environment.

If you are planning to conceive the energy of the New Moon will have a powerful influence.

Even though you were born with the ‘gift of the gab’, Gemini, your ability to communicate is at an all-time high this month, so make the most of it. Go after that promotion, strike up a conversation with the guy or gal you’ve had your eye on, reconnect with friends who have fallen off your radar.

This is the perfect time to clear out the clutter in your life – cancel subscriptions you no longer use, say no to demands on your time, delete negative people from your social media, cut the cord on relationships that no longer work and feel a new surge of energy and well-being.

If you mediate on, or simply look at your card for a while, another personal message may pop into your head!

Affirmation for August

I embrace the freedom that ‘letting go’ brings into my life.


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