2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card:  The Sun and Lovers

Bring It On 2020!

As I shuffled the cards for Leo for 2020, two cards fell out. And what spectacular cards they are!! The Sun and The Lovers.

The key message Leo is:  be greedy for life in 2020. Expect the world and the world will deliver. Whatever you have been putting off asking for or doing – do it and have confidence that you are on the right path. Life is too short.

The Sun heralds an era of health, wealth and happiness. While The Lover as your companion promises new passion. Depending on your circumstances this could be: 

* Finding true love if you are single
* Taking your relationship to the next level, moving in, engagement or marriage (or pregnancy)
* Delving more deeply into a job or hobby, taking your passion to the next level

Be brave and admit what you want, and when you want it to happen. 
Be brave and say it aloud. 
Be brave and dare to dream a little bigger. 

2020 has remarkable potential for you, once in a lifetime stuff. 
Unleash the lion(ess) in you. 
Roar loudly.

Affirmation for 2020
I am happy to be in the spotlight.

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