June Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Self-Employment

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue

Leo – you have an amazing ability to reinvent yourself. You could be working as a secretary one year and as a baker the next! The reason is, you have amazing curiosity and your enthusiasm infects everyone around you (in a nice way, not in a measles way).  Enthusiasm is a great driver, it helps you overcome your fears – the only time you get stuck, is when your enthusiasm dries up. 


You may have entered one of those periods now. 


The message for June is take note of what is growing in your life (rather than what is not working). It may be a hobby you enjoy and would like to spend more time doing. The advice is – throw yourself into it in a bigger way. If you say you don’t have time – then cancel your Netflix account! There are always hours to be squeezed out of a day.  Learn, experiment, improve. 


What you focus on now, could turn into something wonderful in the future and give you the freedom you crave.


If you mediate on, or simply look at your card for a while, another personal message may pop into your head!

Affirmation for June
I was born to be free.


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