April Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Amethyst

Gaia Oracle Card by Toni Salerno

A profound transformation is taking place in your life and after much soul searching, you are now back in control Libra. A new you is emerging with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism. The past is behind you, the hard work is done. Congratulations, you are a star! 

There is a lot of busy planetry activity in your sign for April, and the coming months. People and events could pull you in all sorts of directions. So now – listen to your heart and practice what you have learnt – say yes to what you want, and no to whatever leaves you cold, without the slightest hesitation or guilt. In this way, you will be setting a course – even if you don’t know where it leads. Everything becomes clearer by October. 

Affirmation for April
I give thanks for the healing and transformation that has taken place.

Ps: Keep an amethyst crystal while you sleep.




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