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Libra – Abundance flows to you


How Will Libra be Lucky this Year?

Card you received: 4 of Pentacles

As I shuffled the Tarot and tuned in to your energy Libra, I asked – where will you experience good luck and fortune this year? You received the tarot card 4 of PENTACLES in response. 
Your key message is very direct and simple: money flows to you in 2021. 
Blocks are lifted.
Whatever you have put effort into in the past, comes to fruition this year. You receive financial and practical support in return for the energy you have expended.  Or an opportunity appears because of some good work or deeds you have done in the past.   
Additional Messages
–  You are being blessed with good fortune. Any concerns you have about money, property or legal situations will be resolved.
– Weight loss is easier than it has ever been this year.

– You move to a location further out of town, near countryside, mountains or water. 


What Actions Should Libra Take This Year?

Card you received: 2 of Swords

As I shuffled the Tarot again, I asked – what actions should you take this year? You received the tarot card 2 of Swords in response.
As lots of lovely abundance comes your way this year Libra, it will give you the motivation to look at an issue you have been avoiding. Whether you realise it or not, this issue has been lurking in the background, sapping your energy. Your guidance is to look at the problem head on – and finally begin to deal with it. 

Libra Angel Message For 2021

Card you received: Meditation

“Meditation will give you exceptional benefits in 2021”
The angels say, whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner – meditation will prove exceptionally beneficial to you in 2021. 
Affirmation for 2021
I know I am lucky

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2021: It is Libra time! Learn Tarot

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