2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: 7 of Wands

Believe in Yourself

2020 will call on you Libra, like no other year to believe in yourself. 

The reason is, opportunities will come your way, which promise to transform your life. These opportunities come in the form of new people you come into contact with. It will require you to sparkle and dazzle. No time for self-doubt, self-criticism or hiding in the shadows. 

There is a risk that you overlook golden gifts out of fear or simply not believing enough in yourself.

Life hasn’t always been easy for you, you have had to struggle to achieve what you have. But that is your strength. Underneath all that Libra’ness is a strong soul with a fighter’s spirit. It is such souls that the world needs going forward. It needs brave thinkers, healers, and people who are passionate about making the world a little better. 

This year, your motivation levels will soar Libra, just as the opportunities appear. 

So grab a wand and lead the way. 

The people you meet along this journey become new soul friends, and together you make a difference.  

Affirmation for 2020
I am ready

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