2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Temperance

Let The Good Times Roll!


Pisces went through a huge emotional shift in 2019.  Yet, in 2020 you quickly come to the conclusion ‘I am healed’. Healing is not about forgetting, but learning to live in the present and accepting the flow. This year, there promises to be moments of pure bliss, and sprinkles of magic – especially around March and July. It renews your faith in life and inspires you to dare to dream bigger for yourself. For that reason, it is safe to dare to hope in 2020. It could well be one of your best years yet. 

If you are involved in healing work in any way, your gifts will manifest strongly. If you are seeking emotional or physical healing, the angels embrace you and re-charge you. 

The year is likely to start slowly, and it builds up momentum with each passing month. Whatever your work situation, expect a new job offer or project worth looking at. Don’t reject it straight out.  

If you are hoping to build or buy a home, mid year looks like an ideal time, certainly the timing is now in your favour. 

You end 2020 Pisces with at least one personal wish fulfilled. 


Affirmation for 2020
I am ready for the abundance coming my way.

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