October Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: 3 of Cups
Lucky you, Sagittarius, the month begins with lots of activity in your 11th house, the House of Friends. For some of you it will be party-time, a celebration of the sisterhood, a night on the town or even a weekend away. A perfect time to bond with friends!
If you are not into partying, no worries, this is an excellent time to get involved in group activities, join a club, a community project, get involved with a church, a charity or environmental group, a social or a professional network. Believe in the power of numbers and by connecting with others you can achieve a whole lot more.
There’s quite a lot of activity in your Spiritual House, my darling, and huge opportunity for personal growth. The New Moon at the end of the month helps to clarify many issues and questions which you’ve been pondering. Suddenly you will see the light and have one of those ‘aha moments’! Time spent alone, looking inwards, will bring huge rewards and somehow all the ‘outward’ stuff – love, career, money, will take care of itself.
If you mediate on, or simply look at your card for a while, another personal message may pop into your head!
Affirmation for October
I let go of stress and embrace being with friends.

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