2021 Tarot HoroscopeĀ 

Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope 2021 by Karina Collins
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Sagittarius – Enlightenment


How Will Sagittarius be Lucky this Year?

Card you received: 5 of Swords

As I shuffled the Tarot and tuned in to your energy Sagittarius, I asked – where will you experience good luck and fortune this year? You received the tarot card 5 of Swords in response. 
Higher Powers say – your luck in 2021 results from a new understanding of people. Being curious about why someone feels or thinks what they do, what makes them tick. Even the people you do not approve of.  This curiosity sparks a deeper connection with those around you and the world at large, and from there, something wonderful grows.  What grows will be unique to each of you Sagittarius. It could be closer relationships with family, friends or a romantic partner. It could be relationships you develop which benefit you in work or a private pursuit.  But what is clear, is that your luck and opportunity comes from the compassion and understanding you develop more deeply in 2021. It opens doors you can’t yet even imagine. 
Additional Messages
–  If others are getting on your nerves, consider at least the possibility that you are part of the problem. This is a year of understanding and compassion.
– Be careful with your words. This is a year for listening.
– Meditation will help you unwind this year.

What Actions Should Sagittarius Take This Year?

Card you received: 9 of Pentacles

As I shuffled the Tarot again, I asked – what actions should you take this year? You received the tarot card 9 of Pentacles in response.
You are guided to remember why you are so lucky. Most of you will naturally do this anyway, but there is a sense – after the year we have had – that even the most positive Sagittarius will have struggled. You are the cheerleader of the zodiac, the one who keeps us all feeling good. Your energy keeps the world uplifted. Higher Powers are guiding you to keep your spirits high. I know it’s unfair that you are always the one that has to be cheerful. But you are reminded that not only will it benefit you practically, emotionally and financially – it will also sprinkle a little magic over the rest of us. 
Additional Meanings
– If you are competing for a prize or contract, you do well. 
–  Working from home is a good thing this year.

– Home businesses prosper.


Sagittarius Angel Message For 2021

Card you received: New Beginnings

“A clean slate is presented to you, you can write your own story for 2021”
The angels say that they will teach you how to look at the world in a different way. When you feel anger towards someone or a group of people, then you do not understand. You are not winning. This is important, because when you see the world through understanding eyes, you teach the rest of us how to as well. In 2021 you are destined to see clearly. This is a true gift.
You are the old soul of the zodiac. Your purpose here is to understand and pass on your wisdom. 
Affirmation for 2021
It makes me feel good to understand and bad to judge. 

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