June Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Explore Your Options

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue


Last month there was a full moon in Scorpio, which led to emotions rising to the surface. Now this month, you are encouraged to explore your options.  

Perhaps you feel ‘this is the way things are, and there’s not much I can do about it.’

It’s amazing how hard we fight sometimes to hold onto our limitations. We will argue vehemently, why things must stay the same.

Let me ask you – if a fairy granted you a wish – what element of your life would you change?  No cheating by asking for a lottery win! What one thing would you most like to improve? Your job, relationship, health, housing situation, for example? 


For some time, your inner voice has been whispering, I must live in a way that aligns with my soul. Scorpio, you are the ultimate intuitive but sometimes you just struggle to hear yourself. 

Don’t worry if your wish seems impossible at this time. The first thing is to own it. Only then, can the Universe step in and start helping you.

If you mediate on, or simply look at your card for a while, another personal message may pop into your head!

Affirmation for June

I am truthful to myself.

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