2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: The Sun

Let The Fun Begin!

Wow, 2020 will be a spectacular year for Taurus! The Sun is the most positive card in the Tarot deck and promises an era of happiness, health and wealth. 

When the sun enters your reading, you start attracting success in all areas of your life. And the good news is, it stays with you throughout 2020. 

Past efforts are rewarded and present difficulties overcome. Higher powers are saying, ‘you have done so much for others, it is time for your day in the sun.’

Where you most wish for positive change, this is where you will experience it. Depending on your personal situation, this could be:  

* You retire or take more time out for yourself
*You conceive a child, or a new grandchild arrives
* Your romantic life takes off in a new, and pleasant direction
* You pass your exams
*Your finances improve
* You experience much greater success at work
* If you want to travel extensively or emigrate, your wish comes true
*Health concerns disappear

Taurus, you are blessed and walk hand in hand with the angels in 2020.

Affirmation for 2020
I am blessed

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Time to do this Taurus!