2020 Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Ace of Air (Swords)

Feeling Alive And Motivated

As a sensitive sign Virgo, I decided to use Angel Tarot cards for your 2020 reading.  You received the Ace of Air (traditionally Ace of Swords in regular Tarot). 

What an inspirational year this will turn out for you Virgo! 

You have, or will soon have, a brilliant idea – and this Ace promises spectacular success as long as you follow through. 2020 is the year to commit to a new project, or new direction. This an exciting phase, and while there will be some bumps along the way,  the final destination is worth it. 

If you have been asking, am I able enough, am I …. anything enough, this message rings loudly – YES you ARE, and YES 2020 is the time. 

God does not take away problems, but He does give strength to those he wishes to succeed. You are one of His chosen people.  Believe in the ideas that flow to you now,  and embrace your destiny. 

Additional Messages, depending on your circumstances:

* Swords/Air rules communication, an opportunity appears for you to communicate your ideas to others. Take it.

* If you are having an operation, all will turn out well. 


Affirmation for 2020
My ideas are real guidance

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