April Horoscope

It is written in the stars

Your Key Card: Moonlight

Gaia Oracle Card by Toni Salerno

This month, romance is in the air.  When I say romance, I really mean passion. A relationship could improve, or be taken to the next level of commitment. Or you meet someone who steals your heart – and the feelings are reciprocated.  Even if you are not looking for love, notice how people catch your eye, smile and notice you. You have the allure

But another type of passion could develop too my dear Virgo. A passion for an idea – or even a location. This idea provides the opportunity to create something of lasting value. 

You received the Moon card this month, which means you have wells of untapped ideas – creative possibilities – which are beginning to erupt. That said, there is no need to act until the Virgo New Moon in August, unless you feel inspired to! 

Once-distant dreams could soon become part of your life.

Affirmation for April

I invite fun into my life.



Amaze Yourself