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Archangel Michael Says

When will my situation improve?

There is a situation – it could be a financial, health, relationship, legal, work or housing situation.

You are worried about it.
If you are worried about lots of thing – think of this as your one top issue.
The one thing that if it was resolved, would ease your mind and body.
That is the issue Michael is talking about. 

Say your issue aloud, now! 

Michael … thank you for helping me with _________

Archangel Michael is here, and he says he will ease this problem. 

And will do so, withing the next 6 months. 

Trust him. 


Your Angel Message






Archangel Gabriel Says

Love is Eternal

Archangel Gabriel wants you to know that love is eternal. 

If someone you love has passed to Spirit –  Gabriel is helping them to draw close to you tonight. 

Call out your loved one’s name. 

Gabriel, thank you for drawing ____ close to me. 

Now, over the next few hours, you will receive a sign from your loved one. 

Please, pay special attention to: 

  • – Lights flickering
  • -Objects falling 
  • -Smells, perhaps perfume or cigarettes – but it could be anything. Something that reminds you of your loved one.
  • -A noise with no source
  • -Your loved one’s favorite song
  • -An insect or animal tries to get your attention
  • -You find a feather like a calling card.

Just wait …. the sign will likely be unique to you and your loved one.


Your Angel Message






Archangel Raphael Says

What does this sign mean?

Archangel Raphael wants you to know everything lost is found again. 

Everything hurt is healed again. 

Do not worry, my cherished one, Raphael says. 

You may feel lost sometimes, but you are not. 

First we must experience a lack of something – to appreciate when it comes back stronger. 

And it will. 

And you will appreciate it so much more.

To appreciate the light, we must acknowledge the shadow. 


Your Angel Message



Archangel Uriel ays

Past Life As A Healer

Archangel Uriel wants to confirm what you already suspect. 

You have been a healer in a past life. 

Some of you are very advanced healers, dating back to the times of the pyramids, or even before.  
You are the few. 

Most healers herald from recent times, the 1400s onwards – a time of witchcraft and shamanism. 

You – are a healer.

Let me repeat. You are a healer. 

And we have entered the grand Age of the Healer.  

Where gifts from many lives can merge powerfully into one life. 

Allow nothing to stand in your way – age, time, resources, events in the world, family – nothing. 


It is time to use your craft. 
Heal us. 

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