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Answer: Yellow Jasper

Yellow jasper is a healer’s crystal. 
For pain relief, apply it to the site of pain until it eases. 

This stone also clears away outworn emotions, helping to clear the way for a new life path. It channels positive energy and makes you feel physically healthier and more energetic.

We like this crystal! 🙂 


Eudialyte Crystal


This purple beauty is the eudialyte crystal. 
It’s powers are best accessed by sleeping with it under your pillow.  If you have met someone you like who seems not to return the same affections, or if you are in a struggling relationship, this crystal is thought to reveal in your dreams whether or not you have a future together.
It promotes self-love, forgiveness and helps lift depression

Eudialyte Crystal


This spotted lovely is a dalmatian crystal. 

A protective stone, it is said to protect you from negative people and spirits. Always worth keeping one in the home! This crystal has a strong energy, it helps you to find personal strength, and stimulates a sense of fun and laughter. 


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