What is my karmic lesson?
Karmic Life Lesson

Your Karmic Lesson



Aries can be tempted to avoid leadership roles at home, within the community or work – many Aries for example feel the urge to start a business or project, but hold back out of fear. This reluctance stems from a past life where power went to your head (meant with love! )

Your lesson in this life is to be comfortable in a lead role while remaining sensitive to the needs of others. The past will not repeat itself, you are safe to emerge.  You can motivate others by your passion and make a difference, particularly when you step into the lead role.

Your Karmic Lesson


 Your life lesson is to separate your happiness from material possessions (money and the things it can buy). 

You can find all the happiness and security you seek by building your connection with the spiritual world and doing work or activities that allow you to feel you are making a difference. 

Interestingly enough, your material needs are met when you are doing what makes you feel good – but they become the reward rather than the goal

Your Karmic Lesson


 In a past life you were either the victim of gossip or were betrayed by someone close to you.

 Your key lesson is to avoid gossip or betrayal in this life. Not to repeat the cycle.

You are supposed to lead by example, where others are weak. To be strong, and stand up for what is right, even if it makes you unpopular. To be the upstanding citizen. To be the rock of your family.  If you manage to achieve this – then your karma is ended. Your lesson is mastered. 
And finally a new dawn – with lots more possibilities – can emerge. 


Your Karmic Lesson


Cancer signs are nearly always burdened by situations or relationships from past lives that they refuse to let go. 
It results in issues of co-dependency (fear of being alone) or smothering love (being overly protective). You are a nurturer, you do have lots of love to give. However, your main lesson is to find a way to nurture yourself rather than rely on emotional support from others. To become emotionally independent.
When you do this, you end karmic ties – and allow magical new energy into your life.

Your Karmic Lesson


 Leos are rooted to a past life where they were in a position of power and had unbending views. 

Your life lesson is to avoid becoming rigid in your thinking (if you do, it may manifest in your body as muscle pain, arthritis or inflammatory conditions). People listen to you and absorb what you say. What you say about others or situations matters

By choosing to be more understanding, kinder with your words (spoken and written) and thoughts, you send ripples throughout your community (within the family, work and further). 

Literally you can change the world for the better.

Your Karmic Lesson


 Dear Virgo, your life lesson is a challenge indeed – but only because you are such an advanced soul! 

Your lesson is to be of service to others, while at the same time not neglecting your own needs. Virgos are great healers, care-givers, teachers, community activists and inspirational writers. 

Your mission is to allow your over-flowing heart to help others, and in so doing achieve personal happiness. The key is to know when to stop giving, either because you have no energy, or the other person is not responding. 


Sometimes it is better to help the many, than the few. 

The other challenge is to avoid losing hope when you are not appreciated. That is the other person’s ‘unlearnt lesson’.

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Your Karmic Lesson


 The dove is the symbol of Libra. 
Your natural instinct is to create a harmonious living and working environment. 
Your lesson is to achieve this without compromising yourself too much. 
If you seek to avoid arguments and differences too much, you risk losing yourself and forgetting what is important to you.
There are times that it is important to speak up. Morally. Libra – you are humanity’s moral compass. 

If you ever feel directionless, it is a sign you are trying too hard to keep other people happy. 

Think about what you want, and do it – even if you’re not certain, in the trying you’ll find out and rediscover you. 

There is plenty of room for YOU, your needs and a harmonious life.


Your Karmic Lesson


In at least one past life you suffered a great injustice and traumatic experience. 

It is the reason you were born with a sting in your tail, a defensive mechanism. From a karma (life lesson) perspective, your soul is greatly advanced because of this experience.

Your current lesson is to draw on this phenomenal strength and send it out the world for good. It could go either way! Unless you are consciously aware of your power, it could turn on you in the form of self-criticism or the feeling that life is out to get you.

Realise you are a powerful force for good, your soul purpose is to perform good deeds and walk with the angels.

Your Karmic Lesson


Your spiritual symbol is a horse – running freely through the valley.

In a past life you were a spiritual worker, perhaps in the temples of Egypt, Incas Empire (Machu Picchu) or Atlantis. 

Your life is one long quest for meaning, your challenge is to distinguish your truth (what you believe in and your moral ethical codes) and live by it. 

There is no one meaning, there is only your meaning. Trust you have found it when it feels like you have. 

Travel to a place of a past life can help unlock the memories. 

As you reconnect with your soul, you unleash generations of powerful knowledge, knowledge to achieve amazing things, no matter how old you are.

Your Karmic Lesson


Capricorns tend to be the most skeptical of all the star signs, it comes from your practical nature.

In a past life you achieved a position of authority and wealth, but it was a life devoid of spiritual connection.

Your challenge in this life, is to make that spiritual connection and find your inner voice (instinct). 

You are to learn to trust that voice (you may call it ‘The Universe’) and allow it to direct your life.

In so doing you integrate the spiritual into your everyday existence. It leads to a much more thrilling experience and phenomenal highs!

Ps: The fact that you are even reading this tells me you are on the way to learning your life lesson, so congrats!

Your Karmic Lesson


You were rebellious in past lives and often in conflict with authority.

Your karmic challenge is to keep the best from the past (your fighting spirit and desire for freedom) and to let go of the rest (the idea that someone or something is holding you back). 

You are free now to do anything you want. Allow your quirky ideas free-reign. We are waiting, Aquarius. 

You are the most unique of all the star-signs, so don’t try to be ‘ordinary’. Allow life to flow, even if that means chopping and changing regularly. It is all part of the interesting journey you are meant to take.

Your Karmic Lesson


You are an empath which means you take on others emotions, your moods fluctuate according to the people you are with.

Your lesson is to avoid a tendency to play savior or victim – you don’t always need to ‘fix’ other people (they are not all your responsibility) nor should you allow others to bring you down.

Your lesson is to empathize without taking on someone’s pain.

Pisces are natural psychics, you give fantastic intuitive guidance, but then you must learn to mentally walk away.

Your job is done, whether or not someone responds thereafter is their journey.

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