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A new adventure is approaching, and this fresh chapter in your life promises to be exciting. Your daily routines will be disrupted, and you may even find yourself initially resisting. Know, that wherever your journey leads it is sure to leave you feeling happy in body, mind and soul.


You have a creative mind and the ability to ‘see’ what others do not. More importantly, you can manifest what you see in your mind, and turn it into something real and concrete. Trust your visions.  



Eventually there comes a time when we instinctively know, it is now or never. That we must act or find another dream. Now is that time. You can go quietly into the night, or you can shine as bright as a star.  



When it feels that life is getting on top of you, go sit in some pretty place in nature. Remind yourself that you are one of the lucky souls chosen to have an experience on the most beautiful planet in the Universe. When we love life, it tends to love us back. 


Intuition is your short-cut to success. Trust your gut feelings in love, life and work. Especially in the coming months. Opportunities are approaching, but you must be clued-in enough to spot them.

Time you read your own cards?

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