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Magic 1

Have confidence in your ability to move past blocks. Now is the time for courage and positive action. No self-sabotaging or excuses! The Universe is ready to support you, if you meet it half way.

Magic 2

Something wonderful is about to happen to you. I shall say no more. 

Magic 3

Now is the time to work on partnerships. Depending on your situation, this may refer to a personal relationship, or a work/project situation. If you work in harmony, you can achieve so much more.

Magic 4

Regardless of other’s moods, you will do best now to stay cheerful and optimistic. Your mind is powerful, you are a magnet. Acknowledge your power and use it to attract exactly what you want

Magic 5

Buckle down, stay true to your commitments. Don’t get side-tracked by temporary delays. Show the Universe you are serious about getting what you want. You prove this by staying focused on your wishes, and not being put off by challenges.

Magic 6

Fly like a bird. Freedom beckons. This may feel both exhilarating and terrifying. While you may not be certain what the future holds, it will be different to what has gone before. Remember, you were born for adventure. No more limiting yourself.

Magic 7

Now is the time to envision the future you want. Don’t limit your dreams, and don’t worry about how you will achieve them. As you fall asleep at night, picture how you will feel when you achieve your wish. The difference between those who successfully attract their wish and those who don’t, is persistence. Most people give up too soon.

Magic 8

You chose the number of abundance. If you’ve been contemplating some major change, the Universe supports you. Doors will open but you are advised to abandon fear and trust the unknown as you walk through.

Magic 9

The Universe recognizes all you do for others. Your deeds have not gone unnoticed.
Whatever your current situation, know that you are truly gifted and must never lose faith in yourself. The more you believe you are destined for something special, the faster your path will be revealed.

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