It is real

Your Key Message: Visions

You have visions of the future. 

Your visions likely occur in dream or meditation time, and what you see may not fully make sense yet.  

In the back of your mind, you feel something is coming.  As in the image above, you are standing back and observing. Yes, you think- I knew this was coming. 

Higher Powers use dreams to feed you instructions. The tidal wave is coming, they say. A great cleanse and a new beginning. Do not be afraid. What changes occurs around you in the coming months, is likely to be instigated by others. You have little control over events. You have been forewarned, so that you can observe calmly. Wait for the waters to settle. Soon you will realise, when all is said and done, that you are in a much better situation than when you started.

Ps: For a select few of you – the talented psychics following my page – you are receiving prophecies of floods covering the entire planet. Your visions affect many. 




A Present To Yourself

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