It is written in the stars

Your Key Card:

Although you may travel to any part of the world, you will feel most at peace gazing up to the stars. 

It may be a long time since you have done this,  star-gazed. Away from others and every-day distractions. We all get tangled in the web of life, cut off from the source of existence. 

But if you ever need reminding how ‘small’ your concerns are, on a grander scale …. look to the stars. They will fill you with peace. They will remind you, my little Star Seed, that your spirit is eternal – that you have lived in many places, in many lifetimes. Knowing this – feel a rush of renewed optimism and confidence. 

Think – why not? 

Why not dare to follow my heart?

After all … this is but one lifetime of many. 

Don’t worry about making mistakes. Be more afraid not to live.

The stars will remind you always …  




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