Meaning of Number 66, Numerology
Card: Numerology Oracle Cards by Michelle Buchanan

Number 66


Here is the universal code message behind the vibration of number 66

If you were attracted to the number 66, or you keep seeing it – this is your message:

Now is a time to focus on your healing abilities and being of service to others.

By being attracted to this number, it means you must study and expand your knowledge of the healing arts. Even if you are already a seasoned healer, there is always more to learn (or invent!). You may be attracted to Reiki, life coaching, herbs, counselling, nursing … or any other form of healing. 

If you have been unwell, the number 66 is also a sign that you would benefit from energy healing. Your energy field (aura) absorbs energy from other people, as well as electrical equipment and trauma in your surroundings. It is important to cleanse your aura regularly. 

One way to do this, is to have an energy healing (like Reiki). Or, you can always try a distance healing session. I include a HEALING VIDEO BELOW (scroll down).  



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