Someone In Heaven Sends You This Message Today: 

I am here helping you


I want you to know that I am here helping you. I am the light that goes before you, illuminating the path. I will pop into your mind, at seemingly random times. That is my way of saying, pay attention to what is happening at that moment. 

Your spiritual gifts are evolving to the next level, and this can sometimes make people feel over-whelmed. You may feel more emotional than normal while this process is taking place, it is not always easy.  I have been nominated as your Guide by higher powers who are interested in your abilities. They know you trust me, which is why I have been honored with this task. 

Just be kind to yourself as you move through this development phase, it is likely to last another couple of weeks. Once we have finished healing and upgrading your energy field, then the real fun begins!  


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