Message From The Universe
NASA: Real photos of the Universe

The Universe Has A Message For You!
Which photo are you most attracted to?

The 6 photos above are REAL pictures of the Universe from NASA’s Chandra telescope. As you gaze on the Universal Source …. you will automatically be drawn to one image more than another.

Message From The Universe: Galaxy Messier 82

You Picked: A

You are looking at: 

Galaxy Messier 82 as seen from NASA’s telescope Chandra


 This galaxy is five times more radiant and luminous than our galaxy the Milky Way. 


If you were attracted to Messier’s Light and energy, it means the Universe is transmitting Light and energy to you.  

In the coming weeks and months you will feel this new surge of energy, be careful not to dismiss it as your imagination. 
Make the most of it. Know that something has shifted within you. 
The Universe has been listening. It knows what you want and need. It can however, only open the door. When you feel this surge of new power, it is important that you play your part. Throw yourself into life. On the plus side, you will feel motivated to do so. 

Some of you reading this message are already sensing this exciting new energy. Others may have to wait just another few weeks. 



Message From The Universe: Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744

You Picked: B

You are looking at: 

The galaxy cluster Abell 2744 as seen from NASA’s telescope Chandra

Hello my little stargazer. 
Never be afraid to wish upon a star. 
That childlike wonder – is magical and powerful. Remember how as a child, you tended to focus on your wish more purely? It was the one thing you wanted above all else! It was the one thing you kept pestering your parents for. 

The Universe says, it wants you to remember and practice that simple, direct way of manifesting again.

It says your focus has been a little scattered. Like the galaxies in this photo. 

Look at the photo.
Each light you see in this picture is a  whole galaxy which contains billions of planets.
In other words, each light is teeming with possibilities.
So many options. The Universe says it is time to narrow down your focus on one light
In the coming days, the Universe says – think about the one thing that will make you happiest going forward. 
Think careful. Don’t carelessly say ‘money’. Money doesn’t make anyone happy. What do you want that money for? For example, maybe you need a new home. So it is the home you need to focus on. 

But let’s say you have a health issue that is holding you back. Even if you wished for a new house, that house would not bring you joy – without the health. So it is better that you focus on health as your wish. 

Dig deep, be honest with yourself. 
Then tell the Universe, THAT is the light you wish to manifest. 



Message From The Universe: Supernova explosion

You Picked: C

You are looking at: 

The supernova remnant 1987A as seen from NASA’s telescope Chandra

You are looking at a Supernova explosion. An explosion of light and creativity. 
Is it just me, or does that look like a baby inside the explosion? Of course, babies are something we ‘create’. 

For some of you, a baby has or will soon arrive in your life – as a parent, aunt/uncle or grandparent. Know that this child will have much to offer the world in terms of creative solutions, arts, sports, healing or technology. The babies being born recently are tasked with saving the human race from self-extinction. A big task for such little ones. 
For others – The Universe wants you to know that YOU are the one who is, or soon will be inspired with some really good ideas. TRUST what comes to you. Write your thoughts down, even if you don’t act on them immediately.

 Message From The Universe: Binary star system Eta Carinae

You Picked: D

You are looking at: 

The binary star system Eta Carinae as seen from NASA’s telescope Chandra

You are looking at two stars that are attracted to each other – orbiting one another. These stars are located in the distant constellation Carina.
The Universe wants you to know, that you are an intuitive person. Psychic one could even say. 


If you follow your gut feelings, you will always ‘drift’ naturally in the right direction. You will be pulled towards your destiny. 

Sometimes you will be pulled towards difficult situations, only to expand and redirect you. 

It is so important that you learn from mistakes, and not repeat them. The quicker you learn, the faster your progress to the next level.

The Universe wants you to know, that right now – you are drifting towards something life changing. You may or may not sense it yet. Doesn’t matter. 


Look at the picture again. What or who do you think it could be?


Message From The Universe: Cartwheel galaxy

You Picked: E

You are looking at: 

The Cartwheel galaxy as seen from NASA’s telescope Chandra

What a stunning galaxy you picked! 
That circular ring of light spins  217 kms (134 miles) per second. 
Dizzying. Spectacular. 
This is what the Universe wishes to tell you: You are the center around which other people revolve. 
When you feel down, others will too. The light stops spinning. I know sometimes it’s a burden to be responsible for others feelings – but you are what you are for a reason. It is a gift, when you see it as such. 
You are here to uplift the world. Those around you, and the wider world. You can do this through a smile, kind words, listening, writing, singing, creating, healing or teaching. Or through your job, hobby or charity work.  
Don’t underestimate your power or what you already do.
Acknowledge your Light. Don’t dismiss it. 


An opportunity is coming which will allow you to uplift others – in a bigger way than you have done before. 

Be ready for it.   


Messsage From The Universe: planetary nebula Helix Nebula

You Picked: F

You are looking at: 

The planetary nebula Helix Nebula as seen from NASA’s telescope Chandra

This beauty is located near the constellation Aquarius. 
As we are in the Age of Aquarius, the Universe wants you to know that you are one of the special ‘chosen’ people. The army of volunteer souls that has agreed to do something to open people’s eyes.  You help people see the truth – about their own lives, and sometimes much bigger issues too. 
You are the one, most in touch with Universal Truth. Your vibration is high, and can ascend higher again. 


Be excited for the future, the Universe wants you to know. 

No matter who you are – where you live – what age you are – you are part of this army and will be called into action. 

Just wait for your call. 


Don't ever be without guidance again

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