Your Message From Mother Mary



Christ Says:

“What a beautiful message I have for you. Christ, is manifesting a miracle for you. What you most desire and need to move forward with your life, will be granted.

Let go of how you think this miracle should appear. It come’s through God, and He has a plan much wiser than anything you or even I, can imagine.

He reminds you, that with faith, anything is possible. You don’t need to be a perfect person to ‘earn’ His support. Just know that you deserve this gift from Heaven.”




Your Guardian Angel Says: 

“You have wondered if someone was there, watching over you and those you love. I come to you today, to say yes. You do. You have a Guardian Angel who has been with you since your birth. You know their name, it is in the back of your mind. Listen now. 

Did you hear it? Don’t doubt the name, no matter how ‘ordinary’ or ‘unusual’ it sounds. 

Your Guardian angel says that you have been receiving visions in your head. Do not ignore these. They may be visions about the future, or the present. 

You know that you are on the right path when your actions are guided by a peaceful feeling.”



St Bernadette


St Bernadette Says:

Speak Your Truth.  If there is someone who needs to hear the truth, you are guided to speak up and let them know. You can speak honestly and lovingly without being a ‘bad’ person. No matter how others react, you must give voice to the truth, as you see it. 

Stick to what you believe, regardless of how others react. 

You are a truth teller, it is part of your life purpose to pass on wisdom to others. Even if they don’t want to hear it. As long as you speak out of kindness, you have nothing to fear.



Guardian Angel Says: 
“Practice, practice, practice.  You have talent, but like everyone who ever achieves anything of any worth, it needs patience, perseverance and practice to emerge. 
I want you to spend more time, find the time however you can, to focus on what you love doing. Even if what you love doing is difficult and requires practice. Fall down. Get back up. Keep going. Make mistakes. Start again. Keep going.
Your soul has a song to sing, but it requires your cooperation and dedicated commitment to come to fruition. 
You can do this. You were born for it.”

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