Number 41

You may be attracted to the number 41, because you see it regularly. Or perhaps you were just attracted to it today. 

Here is the universal code message behind the vibration of number 41


In order to achieve your dream – self discipline is necessary. Whatever it is you are hoping to achieve, the message behind number 41 is this – you must play your part and be persistent. Do not give up because of delays or disappointment. Do not give up too easily. In order to progress with your life, it is time to break the STOP-START pattern. That is, where you start something with great enthusiasm, and then fizzle out when things don’t happen instantly. Then the cycle starts all over again. And again. 

Whatever your goal now – the Universe cannot manifest unless you play your part.  Be strong. 

Your Goals 

Weight loss
A new job
Growing a business
Writing/painting/singing – growing your reputation

Whatever your goal – shout it from the rooftop. Let us know, because saying it aloud makes it real

This time, you will not stop until you achieve your goal!



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