Creative Explosion

Oh, fun! You have entered year 3 of your 9 year cycle. 

Anything is possible this year because you are ready to expose yourself to the world. 

Last year was about healing, and this year you emerge much stronger for it. Now you are ready to let people ‘see’ you in all your beauty. Your confidence increases. As the months pass, you feel inspired by new ideas, and more importantly, you find the courage to act on them.  

What Is Possible This Year

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, the Universe supports to:

  • Communicate – write, blog, video or public speaking.
  • Focus on projects at work which allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Take a creative hobby more seriously, whatever it is that excites you.
  • Fall pregnant or give birth, if you desire. Fertility is high.
  • Make new friends, join new groups or societies. You should feel particularly social this year.
  • Express how you feel – claim what you really want. Be brave.

Key Message

You will have lots of energy this year, and have lots of ideas. Be sure to finish what you start, and you will really enjoy this year. Sometimes year 3 is called the ‘flirt year’, as you are particularly attractive to other people. Not just romantically (although that too), but in work and friendships too. People are drawn to your enthusiasm this year. Make the most of this energy, because your likability factor is sky high. Use it to get what you want! 

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