Steady Progress

You have entered year 4 of your 9 year cycle. 

This year is about building solid foundations for the future.  You do this by putting systems in place that will improve your quality of life in the years to come.  It asks you to keep your head down, and work hard on your goals. It’s less about fun and more about feeling satisfied because you manage to stick to your goals and see tasks through to the end. 

What Is Possible This Year

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, the Universe supports you to:

  • If you want to build a business or change business direction, then put the foundations in place this year. For example, seek a location, launch a website or advertise to potential clients. Don’t expect immediate results. This year is about perverseness and patience. 
  • Take your finances more seriously, put a budget or saving scheme in place.
  • Health or body issues, put a regular routine in place to heal long-term. 
  • Promotion or advancement in work will come, but only through hard work.
  • Study, increase your knowledge or skill set.

Key Message

Where ever you choose to focus your attention and energy this year, will see growth in years to come. There will be obstacles along the way, so you will need to push yourself to keep going sometimes. That said, you will feel particularly motivated, more than any other year.  Think of year 4 as a test, how much do you really want what you say you do? If you really want it, then you’ll be prepared to put the work in.

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