Love and Passion

Oh, la, la! You have entered year 6 of your 9 year cycle. 

A year for passion.

This year is about finding love and passion in your life. It may simply be a matter of appreciating what you already have, and making it even better. Or allowing new passion to flow into your life. 

Passion comes in all forms. Romantically, children, family. But it can also be about doing something worthwhile with your time. Making a difference. 

What Is Possible This Year

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, the Universe supports you to:

  • Find a way to balance work with home life. 
  • Start or grow a business from home.
  • Start or expand a service-based career.
  • The number 6 represents the home, so it is a good year to buy or sell a home.
  • Marry or start a family. 
  • Troubled couples tend to make-up or break up this year. 

Key Message

This will be a very fruitful year, allowing you to create the lifestyle that satisfies you on every level. Love is the air, you spend more time with loved ones. You also become passionate about what you do. That could be a new project, or renewing passion for something you have already put time into.  

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