Spiritual Awakening

OK .. this is an important year.  You have entered year 7 of your 9 year cycle. 

This year, helps you to realise what it is that you really want out of the next phase of your life. 

Headline: What you think you want at the start of the year, and what you discover you really want, is likely to change as the months progress. 

Year 7 has a way of forcing you to do some soul searching. It may be that circumstances around you change, people come or go, jobs come or go … and then you start to wonder, was that really what I wanted anyway?

What you discover about yourself this year, will be pretty powerful and explosive. You end up more clear about your dreams, and much more motivated to achieve them. If you haven’t been sure what exactly it is you want out of life, then this year, you end up knowing! 

What Is Possible This Year

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, the Universe supports you to:

  • Study or practice mind body spirit techniques.
  • Go on a personal journey, retreat or walk. 
  • Study or have alternative treatments to cure health issues.
  • Go with the flow. No need to plan too much this year, the Universe has already set things up for you. 
  • This is a good year to study, anything! 

Key Message

This year you end up asking the big questions like Who Am I? And Where Is My Life Going? It can be a difficult year, as the answers do not arrive instantly. However, as the months pass, events will transpire that help to provide you with the answers. We never have all the answers, but you will get enough to achieve clarity. Armed with more focus, you can go on to create success in the following years.

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