Reward and Recognition

Exciting. You have entered year 8 of your 9 year cycle. 

After a year of soul seeking in year 7, you are now ready to claim your rewards! 

This year you feel motivated to focus on material success – career, finances, property. It is a time for financial gain, expansion and success in the wider world. Number 8 is a karmic symbol for what goes around, comes around. So wherever you have been focusing your time and efforts in previous years, deliver rewards this year.  Money and manifestation are linked to the number 8, so you attract abundance and opportunity more than any other time in the 9 year cycle. 


What Is Possible This Year

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, the Universe supports you to:

  • Advance in your career or business. 
  • Receive awards and win prizes.
  • Have a financial windfall. Increase your savings or investments.
  • Buy property.
  • Settle legal cases in your favour. 

Key Message

Your personal power is at an all time high this year. You will feel confident and ready to assert yourself. This is one of the most rewarding years in your 9 year cycle.

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