Endings and Rebirth

You have entered year 9 of your 9 year cycle. The final year of your cycle.

A year of endings and rebirth. 

This year is about letting go of what no longer works for you, in order to allow space for a new 9 year cycle.  This may involve letting go of situations, people or a mind-set that has been holding you back. In some cases this may be sad, in others, it is a relief. You are ready for more. 

Think of year 9 as a spring clean, and detox on your life. Try to be courageous and take the necessary actions. You don’t want to drag any old stuff into your new cycle which is emerging. 

Year 9 is also a year, where everything you have been striving for comes to fruition. 

What Is Possible This Year

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, the Universe supports you to:

  • Complete projects, so that you can move onto the next phase. 
  • Complete studies, so that you can start putting what you have learnt into real-world practice. 
  • Resolve conflicts with others. Put situations to bed, even if this means walking away.
  • Number 9 is also associated with humanitarian causes. This is a good year to get more involved with a charity, or some humanitarian cause.
  • Change your mindset –  to break unhealthy or outdated patterns and routines. 

Key Message

This year focuses on finishing, in order to make space for new beginnings next year. You are likely to sense change ‘in the air’. Whereas once change may have scared you, now you are welcoming it with great anticipation. Timing is everything, and you are ready now.

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