Oceanic Tarot Deck by Jayne Wallace



The card you received: 


Your message: 

A wonderful opportunity is heading your way which will improve your prosperity and sense of security long-term. It will also help you fulfill your life purpose.

As with everything in life, the Universe can open doors for us, but it’s up to us to step through them. The Ace of Pentacle does not guarantee success by itself, YOU must make an effort to shine and grab what comes your way!

Possible Meanings

A new …

* Long-term relationship
* Job offer
* Project
* Home
* Country, moving location




The card you received: 


Your message: 

Now is the time for action, the conditions for your future success are in perfect alignment. You have all the talent, resources or opportunity you need to move forward. Do not second guess yourself. Focus on what is right in front of you.

Depending on your circumstances the Magician supports those who want to:

* Start or grow a business.

* Conceive a baby (particularly if you’ve had difficulties in the past).

* Travel

* Communicate to a wider audience.

Remember, take action now and you will have success!



The card you received: 


Your message: 

Listen to your intuition because it is telling you the truth. There is a situation in your life which you are hoping will either go away or sort itself out without you having to look too closely.

It is a situation that may be causing you stress, even if you don’t realise it.

Do not fear knowledge, for it will set you free to pursue your rightful path.



The card you received: 


Your message: 

Listen to your intuition because it is telling you the truth.

You were drawn to this card as a sign of angelic guidance, angels are by your side.  You may be going through a stressful period, personally, or with someone you love.

Additional Meanings

* If you have asked for healing for yourself or someone you love, the angels are sending it.

* If you have requested help with developing your own healing abilities, the angels advise you to meditate to sounds of the sea.

* If you have asked the angels for help with finances, they will send you an opportunity shortly to help yourself.



The card you received: 


Your message: 

This Ace says good news, victory is coming! You may have experienced disappointments or delays, but now events unfold swiftly.

Depending on your circumstances, this may mean success with:

* A legal situation
* House sale/purchase
* Medical treatment
* Book publication
* Promotion

If you feel you’ve been hacking your way through life a bit recently, the sword heralds fresh new beginnings.

When You Ask The Universe For Guidance This Is Your Answer!

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