What Are Orbs?

Orbs are balls of energy that can’t usually be seen with the naked eye – they are best seen through infrared monitors or captured on digital pictures. Orbs are thought to be spirits (people and animals) and are often found hanging around spiritual locations (such as churches), but they do love to turn up at parties and celebrations!

Characteristics Of Orbs

* Round in shape
* Vary in colour
* Appear illuminated from within, emit a light even in the dark.

When caught on video orbs float or move at rapid speed – they seem to react to the people around them. Orbs can be found indoors and outdoors. They do not set off motion detectors.


Just Dust Particles?

It has been said by skeptics that orbs are dust particles, pollen, static discharge, moisture or stray lights. While this will be true in some cases, the Ghost Research Society have still managed to capture orbs when all these factors were carefully controlled and ruled out. The denser and brighter the ball of energy, the more likely it is to be an orb. If you zoom into the picture of an orb, it is often possible to see the face of a person or an animal. You may even recognise who it is!


What Orbs Are Not

People sometimes confuse orbs with arcs of light which appear on photos (especially digital photos). An arc of light (a ray of light that spreads out in an arc shape) is not an orb. Usually it has a more earthly cause – arcs of light are caused by light bouncing back from reflective surfaces or light sources not visible to the naked eye.



Orb Colour Chart


Archangel Gabriel: If a white orb appears, it is Gabriel. Gabriel is the messenger angel, so she represents the arrival of good news. This may be a pregnancy/birth. If you are worried about children, she is guarding your family and guiding you to help if necessary. Gabriel loves to hang out with animals, so you may spot a white orb playing with your pet.

Occasionally a white orb can be a sign of a visitor too – a loved one, who has recently passed over. 


Archangel Michael: The warrior angel! If a blue orb is near you, Michael is with you. It means you are protected by his energy.  He inspires you to be brave and positive, so you can chase your dreams. If you’ve been questioning your path, unsure about which way to turn, he pops ideas into your head. Archangel Michael is with you, releasing fear from your body – you are safe to embrace the future ahead.


Archangel Jophiel:  If a pale yellow orb appears to you, it is Jophiel. This archangel’s name means ‘beauty of God’. She is the patron saint of artists and helps us to see what is beautiful in our life. She is also known as the Feng Shui angel because she helps us declutter our life (on a practical level she inspires us to clear out the home but also more significantly our life in general). If she is around, a decluttering is necessary! Jophiel is also associated with wisdom through the crown chakra – so this orb is a sign you are opening up spiritually.


Archangel Uriel: If a yellow orb appears to you, it is Uriel. He brings you confidence and peace. Uriel turns up if someone is doing exams – to give them confidence. His name means ‘God is light’, so he also helps us find solutions to problems. Consider the time the photo was taken, did you have a problem on your mind? Uriel is associated with ‘light-bulb’ moments. Perhaps you know the solution already?


Archangel Metatron:  Metatron helps children, both in this world and those who have passed over.  He also helps heal issues from childhood. He also turns up for people at the start of a serious spiritual journey. Metatron can appear as either a deep red or deep orange orb.


Archangel Raphael:  A green orb means Raphael is near. You are attracting healing and abundance as the orb radiates into your energy sphere.  Raphael may be with you because someone needs physical healing in the family. Or you may work as a healer or be taking care of others, and need a little extra boost yourself. Raphael also protects those who are travelling, so he will keep you and your loved ones safe if a trip is coming up.
>> Receive healing


Archangel Purlimiek: You are more likely to see this orb outside in nature, as Archangel Purlimiek is in charge of nature. If a pale green orb appears, it means you are connecting with nature and the Universe (it’s what mystics call ‘being at One’ with nature). Sometimes the appearance of this orb heralds a relocation move closer to nature.


Archangel Chamuel: If this orb appears, Chamuel is near! It means passion is in the air. It is a sign of a new friendship, job or study that becomes important to you. Sometimes pink orbs appear when people are having an argument – Chamuel is trying to spread the energy of understanding and forgiveness. He might also appear if you have lost something important, like passports, tickets or jewellery.


Seraphim: Seraphims are the highest order of angels, they are thought to be closest to God. If travelling by orb, seraphims appear multi-coloured, with blue or red being the main colour. They can appear to someone with special gifts – usually when that person is struggling to recognise their talents and needs a helping hand.


Archangel Zadkiel: If a purple orb is near you it means this powerful archangel is trying to make you remember your life purpose. You came into this life with a purpose – it is your job to ‘rediscover’ it, and chase it. If you’ve been feeling a bit lost, Zadkiel is close – pay attention to any ideas that pop into your head out of the blue.



A few of the orb photos my followers on FB have shared: 

Someone popping in for Christmas! 

Archangel Gabriel watching over this baby. Or is it his daddy who was recently deceased?


Someone didn’t want to miss the party! 

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