Pet Psychic Training
My cat: Nosh


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Answer: Mix

Nosh loves Dreamies Mix

How To Read Your Pet

Not long ago, Nosh went missing for 24 hours. We were naturally very worried. So I sat down in a quiet place, listened to some soft music and pictured her in my head. I tried to feel what she was feeling. When I had a clear image of her, I asked her to show me where she was. To my surprise, she didn’t show me anything, but instead I heard a childlike voice, which said ‘on wood’. 

‘On wood’. That was it. Nothing more. 

Now, as it happens, we did have a wood shed at the bottom of the garden. 

We immediately went down to check it, and there she was. Sitting on a block of wood. She must have become trapped when I had taken wood out the day before. Fortunately she was fine!

You might think, oh well – Karina is psychic, so of course she can ‘talk’ to animals.

No, the reason I could do it, was because we had a close connection. It’s a bit like when you think of someone you love, and then they call you. You had a psychic connection, and everyone can have one of those.  

So, if you have a pet – know that you can communicate. You can ask them how they are feeling. You might ‘hear’ their voice in your head, not long sentences, just a few simple words. Or they could make you FEEL what they are feeling (like hot, cold, happy or sad). 



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