Pick A Crystal - Healing Abilities of Crystals

Septarian Crystal


This beautiful crystal derives its name from the Latin septem, meaning seven. 

Seven is a magical number, there are 7 Wonders of the World, the Koran speaks of 7 heavens, and in the Book of Revelation there are 7 angels, 7 churches and 7 stars. 

You were drawn to this crystal today, because the number seven will bring you luck. Make a note of it. 

This crystal also heals (put one under your pillow):

Bad dreams
Emotional stress
Muscle spasms
Raynaud’s disease
Intestinal problems

It has the ability to focus the body’s own healing power.

Extra note: Keep this crystal nearby if you need help with a law case. 

If you cannot find one to buy, keep a picture of this one on your phone. 



Peridot Crystal - Free Reading


In ancient times people used this stone to keep away evil spirits. It is a protective stone for the aura and a powerful cleanser of negative energy. 

You were drawn to this stone because it is time to stop asking others for guidance. The answers you seek will only come from within. You have enough knowledge at this time to make all the decisions you need to.  You have evolved. 

Interestingly, it means you have the ability to guide others, but first you must be confident about guiding yourself.  

This crystal also heals (put one under your pillow):


If you cannot buy one, it is still helpful to keep a picture of the peridot on your phone. 




This beautiful crystal derives its name from the Greek diopteia ‘to see through’. It has a dramatic effect on the human energy field. It activates past life memories which helps you understand your present relationships more. You may dream of previous lives, or see them in meditation. 

The dioptase reaches deep within your soul, drawing out all sorts of self-knowledge. It helps you heal hurt feelings and festering wounds, and live more in the present. It heals an emotional black hole, raising your vibration. This vibration will end up ushering in new love, new passions and new motivation.

You were attracted to this crystal, because it can help you.
Even if you can’t find one to buy, it is worth keeping a picture of the crystal on your phone. 



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