Pick A Crystal with Karina


Amethyst Crystal

 You were drawn to the amethyst because your soul craves healing from past hurts. People have let you down and although you try to forgive and move forward, the disappointments still linger in your heart. The amethyst is a powerful crystal and helps guard against psychic attacks (people draining your energy), but it also allows you to clearly understand the part you play in creating outcomes with people and situations. You are growing in wisdom, learning when to give and when to walk away (without guilt). You may find your circle of close friends decreases as this happens, or new people arrive. Eventually you find yourself in a situation where you can give unconditionally – without worry – because you trust those nearest to you and it’s a truly amazing feeling.

If you have already arrived at this point, congratulations!

Additional Benefits

This crystal also heals (put one under your pillow):

The amethyst aids healing if you bruise easily, have skin complaints or hearing issues. It acts as a psychic protection against thieves!
Keep an amethyst near you – on your desk, bedside table or wear it as jewellery – it is your protective charm.


Citrine Crystal

You were drawn to the Citrine crystal because you are experiencing ups and downs, or bursts of anger or self-doubt.  This beautiful stone protects you from yourself! It banishes negative, destructive thoughts which eat away at your self-confidence and turn a sunny day into a gloomy one.
A powerful cleanser the citrine carries the magic of the sun, promoting happy moods, a calm mind and the ability to live in the moment.
If you already feeling good about yourself – congratulations – this is a confirmation you are on the right path! The future is bright.

This crystal also heals (put one under your pillow):

 The citrine aids concentration for exams and promotes creative thoughts and actions. It helps heal constipation, hot flushes, itching, insomnia, bladder infections and thyroid problems.

Keep a citrine near you – on your work desk or next to the bed to absorb it’s benefits.

If you cannot buy one, it is still helpful to keep a picture of the citrine on your phone. 


3. Malachite

malachite crystal

 You were drawn to malachite because your soul urges you to absorb – at a deep level – that the glass is half full. Although there are issues to be dealt with, you are blessed in many ways and will continue to be. Even at the end of a long day, remember to take a moment and thank the Universe for your blessings. Just as we respond by giving more to those who appreciate us, so too does the Universe. 

Additional Benefits
This stone is highly powerful – only keep one near you if you are ready for it! The malachite shows what is blocking your spiritual growth – without mercy – it draws out deep feelings, breaks unwanted emotional patterns, teaches us how to take responsibility for our actions and thoughts. It promotes journeying to other worlds in sleep and meditation.

Quickly, Start This Today!

Lepidolite Crystal

You were drawn to the lepidolite crystal because you feel stressed. It may be obvious stress or insidious stress (the type that wears you down day in day out and you don’t even realise you are stressed).

This crystal balances the mind and helps you to take decisions and trust the flow of life. When you feel the power of this crystal you end up wondering ‘why did I worry so much?’. Free of stress and the constant question ‘is this the right thing to do?’, you can get on with the joy of living.

Additional Benefits
Lepidolite opens all your chakras and is used by shamans (tribal healers) for spiritual journeying and access to the Akashic record (past lives). It contains lithium so is helpful in calming nerve disorders, including depression and bipolar. Place the stone on your forehead for a few minutes a day and relax as it removes toxicity from your body.

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