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Turquoise Stone 

If like me, you were attracted to the turquoise crystal, it means:

Your body mind and spirit are coming into alignment. This is a slow process, and you may experience mood swings while this happens. It is the continuation of a spiritual awakening. This stone helps you to connect with some pretty powerful spirit guides and angelic beings. 

White Howlite Crystal

If you were attracted to the white howlite crystal, it means:

Your body requires more rest. This stone attracts us when we feel tired or anxious. If you are having problems sleeping, put one under your pillow. It is known as the peaceful dream stone.


Dalmatian Stone

If you were attracted to the dalmatian stone it means:
Keep a sense of humour, no matter what is happening in your life. Everything is bearable if you can find a way to laugh about it. Life is much too serious, to be taken seriously. 

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